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As China Leading Intellectual Property Translation Service Provider, Translation Department of Intellectual Property Publishing House has over a decade experience providing a comprehensive battery of language services for numbers of domestic and overseas clients, including IP offices, patent agencies, research institution and enterprises.

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Wipleader not only offers world-leading patent translation services, but also is committed to mining and cultivating excellent patent translators, and expanding the influence of patent translation. Therefore, Wipleader developed China's first online patent translation training platform. This platform was designed on the concept of “interconnection between higher professional education and vocational training" to create a featured patent translation course and build a translation practical training system.
Featured Practical Training
The practical training mainly relates to the field of patent translation, and focuses on cultivating excellent patent translators. Moreover, Chinese-English, Chinese-Japanese, and Chinese-Korean professional translation corpus, and term-prompt and term-adding functions are included, resulting in faster and more efficient translation.

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